Preparing for a career is more than just choosing the right job. It starts with exploring who you are and matching that to a career that best fits your dreams. But this is no once-off task. Career preparation requires you to continuously expand your self-knowledge and even more, evaluate a stack of career-related information, all while taking your broader context into account. So where do you start?

At CareerPrep we help you to explore those big questions – the ones pulling your inner most heartstrings. But we don’t leave you hanging either. Through consultations, assessments and workshops we help individuals to gain a better understanding of themselves while equipping them with practical information about subjects, requirements, courses and career opportunities.

So whether you’re deciding which subjects to take for grade 10-12, considering tertiary education or standing on the brink of a new career, we’ll guide you every step of your way.

Amanda van der Vyver

 (MSc Research Psychology; PGCE; MEdPsych)

Ever since 2009, I’ve been practising as an Educational Psychologist keeping myself busy with career development and tertiary support. I assist learners, students and adults with issues like subject choice, academic counselling and career decision-making, and just loves it when my clients slowly but surely understand their vocation.

Between 2005 and 2009 I conducted research about the career maturity of learners from previously disadvantaged communities for my MSc-dissertation, as well as research in initial career decision making of grade 12 learners for my MEdPsych-dissertation. Since 2004 I’ve been associated with the Make a Difference Leadership Foundation, while I’ve also been working for Stellenbosch University as a consultant psychologist for the last 7 years.