If you are ready to take the leap towards a new career and you’re sure that further studies are not necessary, see how you can prepare yourself for this courageous step:

  • do you enjoy interacting with people?
  • what kind of people?
  • which age group?
  • are you interested in business activities?
  • do you enjoy expressing yourself creatively?
  • does scientific information excite you?
  • do you want to work outdoors? with animals or plants ? or just outside activity?
  • do you prefer doing things with your hands or working with tools?
  • what are/were your favourite school subjects? why?
  • What subjects do/did you not mind doing homework in?
  • do you enjoy reading and/or writing?
  • what topics do you enjoy reading about?
  • what is your favourite television programme?
  • what are your hobbies?
  • what is your favourite thing to do when you have free time?
  • what makes your skin tingle with excitement?
  • what makes you feel alive?
  • what can you continue doing for hours without getting tired or bored?
  • what would your ideal work day/week look like?
  • what are you good at?
  • what have been your greatest achievements thus far?
  • what awards have you received in the past?
  • what school subjects do/did you achieve the best results in?
  • what do other people praise you for?
  • what are the compliments you normally receive?
  • what are your special talents?
  • what comes easy to you?
  • what can you do better than most other people you know?
  • do you enjoy organising things and/or people around you?
  • do you prefer having a flexible schedule or to have everything planned out in advance?
  • do you regard yourself as a systematic person?
  • do you prefer creating your own way of doing things as you go along?
  • do you regard yourself as more people- or task-oriented?
  • do you get a kick out of getting things done or do you enjoy the process?
  • which kinds of people or environments frustrate you?
  • what do you value as important?
  • who do you look up to as role model? why?
  • what kind of characteristics do you respect in other people?
  • what would you not compromise on?
  • what do you regards as most important: relationships, financial security, knowledge, authenticity, status, challenge, independence, balance, personal growth, service to others, freedom, acknowledgement, variety, meaning, creativity, ambition
  • what do your friends say about the career options you are considering?
  • what influence do your parents have on your decision?
  • what is your current financial situation? how does this influence your options?
  • location, location, location – where do you want you live? does this limit your options?
  • think about other factors that might influence your future career decision

When you have a good understanding of who you are, you are ready to discover more about different career fields by doing the following:

1.  Consider different career fields

Do online or paper research to learn about the careers that are available in your fields of interest (useful websites: gostudy.net, onetonline.org, careerssa.net and advice.careerbuilder.com)

art and visual communication
performing arts and the entertainment industry
commerce, management and finances
engineering, design and the built environment
health sciences
hospitality and tourism
information technology and computer science
law careers
linguistic careers
social sciences, humanities and theology

2. Consider the following information of the careers you are interested in

job description
job requirements
salary scale and demand

3. Talk to people who are following a career you are interested in

what do you need to talk about?

4. Apply for an internship, shadow an employee or visit a workplace at a job you are interested in

why is this important

As soon as you have a good understanding of who you are and thorough knowledge of different careers, you are better equipped to choose a career that fits with your interests, personality preferences, values and work style. Still unsure?